Whole numbers definition explained

Learn and know what is whole numbers definition in math. In math, knowing about different types of numbers and their properties is very important.

Whole numbers definition explained

Before knowing what are whole numbers, first know what are natural numbers. Why am saying like this means there is a relation among them. So if you know what is a natural number then knowing what is a whole number is not a matter. Hope you know what are natural numbers. Now let us consider an example, if anyone asks you to count number of chalks in a geometry box, then what is your answer? As there won’t be any chalks in geometry box, so the answer should be nothing and don’t say “0”. Because you don’t know what are whole numbers up to know so how can you say “0”. As you know, only natural numbers. If there is nothing, then how to represent that. To know this we need to study whole numbers concept. Ok anyhow I will reveal, to represent “Nothing” we are using “0”. Now see the below given definition for whole numbers you can understand.

The Whole numbers definition as follows:

We know what are natural numbers right? “The natural numbers (N) along with the 0 (zero) are called as whole numbers”. We also say another definition of whole numbers as “the set of natural numbers (N) including 0 (zero) are called as whole numbers”. These are some of the best ways to define what are whole numbers.


In whole numbers we have “0 (zero)” what does it mean? Actually “0” is used for denoting the “Nothing”. For example, whenever we have “No pens” with us we say that we have 0 pens.

Do we have any symbol for whole numbers?

Yes, to denote the whole numbers we have a symbol. In the word whole numbers, what is the first letter we get, that is the symbol. We observe that “W” as the first letter, so “W” is the symbol which denote/represent the whole numbers. So in math, when we write “W” the meaning is it denotes whole numbers. Finally, Set of whole numbers is written as, W = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4 …}

Can the whole numbers (W) be negative in sign?

If anyone asks whole numbers (W) are whether positive (+) or negative (-) then say whole numbers cannot be negative, whole numbers are always positive only.


In whole numbers we have “0”, we generally say that “0” is neither negative nor a positive. According to the situation you can take 0 as positive or negative no problem.

Can the natural number (N) be a whole number (W)?

All the natural numbers are also called as the whole numbers but all the whole numbers we can’t say they are natural numbers.

Hope that you have understood whole numbers definition and some important points on that.  

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