What is Zero polynomial? explained with examples

Learn and know what is zero polynomial? In algebra chapter. Regarding polynomials this is considered as one important concept. But this concept we can see only in some books.

What is Zero polynomial

What is zero polynomial is very easy to understand, there is no that much difficult definition for it. The thing is that we should understand that zero polynomial and zero of a polynomial are not same. Now we will learn what is zero polynomial? Difference between zero and zero of a polynomial, degree of zero polynomial in detail.

What is zero polynomial in math?

We know what is a polynomial? In a polynomial if all the variable coefficients are equal to zero then we say it as zero polynomial.  For example, the digit “0” is called as zero polynomial. Also the polynomial 0x8 + 0x4 – 0x is called as zero polynomial because the product of 0 and any number is always zero. The given polynomial becomes zero, so it is a zero polynomial.

Do you know what is the difference between zero of a polynomial and zero polynomial?

We see that zero of a polynomial and zero polynomial looks like same but there is difference between them. Zero of a polynomial means the value of the variable which makes the polynomial to become zero is called zero of a polynomial. Then zero polynomial means all the coefficients of variables will be zero.

How to find zero of zero polynomial?

Generally, we know that for the polynomials there will be zeros. But in case of zero polynomial there won’t be any particular zeros. All the numbers will be zeros for a zero polynomial.

What is the Degree of zero polynomial?

If we observe in zero polynomial, there won’t be any variables. So if there is no variable then how to find degree of a polynomial? So we say that the degree of the zero polynomial is “NOT DEFINED” or “UN DEFINED”.

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