What is coordinate geometry?

Learn what is coordinate geometry? Co-ordinate geometry is also called analytical geometry and also called as Cartesian geometry. Rene Descartes is the person who introduced co-ordinate geometry to the world.

Know What is coordinate geometry?

The first question that arises when we start learning co-ordinate geometry is what is coordinate geometry? Without knowing co-ordinate geometry definition if you are learning only topics in co-ordinate geometry then no use. So my suggestion is before learning any chapter first try to know its meaning and definition.

What is coordinate geometry definition?

Co-ordinate geometry is the branch of the mathematics which deals with studying of geometry with the help of co-ordinate system. Second definition of co-ordinate geometry is the “branch of mathematics which combines Algebra and Plane Geometry”.

Here you may get doubt that what is coordinate system. Drawing two perpendicular lines in a plane and representing horizontal as x-axis and vertical line as y-axis and intersection point of these two lines as origin. The entire system so formed is called as co-ordinate system.

Know What is coordinate geometry?

Hope that co-ordinate geometry definition you understood. From now if anyone asks you what is coordinate geometry then give any one of above two definitions.

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