What is a line? Definition explained

Do you know what is a line? According to geometry. The word “line” will be used frequently in geometry. So it is very much required to know the definition of a line.

what is a line?

Let us understand the meaning of a line with a real life example. If we observe blackboard the edges will be in the form of lines. Railway tracks are also examples for lines. Especially railway tracks will be the best example for parallel lines. We can also say a long rope is also an example for a line. So if you want to explain what is a line? You can explain it by taking real life examples as I explained.

What is a line definition?

If a line segment is extended continuously in both the directions it forms a line. In a plane, if we join the points in a particular order then it forms a line. We have types of lines like perpendicular lines, intersecting lines, parallel lines and so on.

Important points of a line that everyone should know:

A line does not have breadth and height.

It has the only length.

A line is not having any end points.

I hope you learnt and know what is a line after reading the above definitions and examples.

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