What is a cuboid?

Learn and know what is a cuboid, how to define cuboid. We all know cuboid has length, breadth and height but we will fail in giving the proper definition.

What is a cuboid

If we think about what is a cuboid, the first thing we will get in mind is that cuboid is a 3D shape. We all know what is a 3D shape, which means the shape which has 3 dimensions i.e. length, breadth and height is a 3D shape.

The Cuboid definition:

The simple way to explain, if you were asked what is a cuboid is “the 3D shape of a rectangle is called as a cuboid”. The main important point in case of cuboid is the length, breadth and height are not same that means all will be of different dimensions. Cuboid has four main formulas that everyone should learn. They are volume of cuboid, lateral surface area, total surface area and diagonal of cuboid.


The wall, duster, book, brick etc are examples of cuboid.

Hope now you understood exactly what is a cuboid.

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