Vulgar fraction definition explained with examples

Learn and know what is a vulgar fraction definition? In fractions concept in math. Fractions are one of the important chapters in the lower classes. In this chapter students will be given some real life examples to understand in a better way. For example, if an Apple is cut into 4 pieces then what is the representation of each part? Like these so many examples will be given for understanding the concept.

Vulgar fraction definition explained

Hope you know what is a fraction and its representation. And also i hope that you know the basic types of fractions like proper fraction, improper fraction and mixed fraction. Now we will learn about vulgar fraction. Before learning this, I have a simple question to you. Do you know what is a decimal fraction? If you know about decimal fraction then it is easy to say what is vulgar fraction. The opposite definition of decimal fraction gives the definition of vulgar fraction. Anyhow now we will which fractions are vulgar fractions with examples.

Definition of vulgar fraction as follows:

If the denominator of a fraction is a whole number other than 10, 100, 1000, 10000,100000…etc is called a vulgar fraction.


If the denominator of a fraction is in the form of 10x where x is a natural number is called a vulgar fraction.


♦ Both the definitions are same with different sentence formation. So any definition we can give for vulgar fraction.


♦ 8/9, 7/13, 99/42, 117/123 … are examples of vulgar fraction. In all these examples, the denominator is not 10 or 100 or 1000 or 10000 or…………….etc.

♦ 3/100 and 24/10 are not vulgar fractions because it is not satisfying vulgar fraction definition

♦ Below I will give some fractions find out in that which are vulgar fractions.

36/5, 14/7, 210/190, 39/27, 58/10, 654/1000, 93/21, 44/100, 870/55

After going through the vulgar fraction definition and examples, i hope that now you have learnt it.

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