Volume of cone formula explained

Learn and know what is the formula used for finding volume of cone. This formula we will get in Mensuration chapter. As a school going students learning volume formula for cone is very important. Not only this, every formulas in Mensuration like volume of cuboid, volume of cube, total surface area of cuboid and so on. Now we will discuss about volume of cone formula.

Volume of cone formula explained

Do you know what is a cone? And real life examples of cone? First we will see what is a cone. A cone 3D shape solid. If we rotate a right angled triangle along its height with some angle at a vertex then we can generate a cone shape. When coming to real life examples of a cone the best example is cone ice cream . By its name itself we say the ice cream shape is cone. Now finally, we will see the formula for finding the volume of a cone.

The volume of cone formula is given as:

Let “r” be the radius of a cone, π is a constant i.e. \frac { 22 }{ 7 } or 3.14 and let “h” be the height of the cone. Then the volume of cone formula is \frac { 1 }{ 3 } × π × { r }^{ 2 } × h

I hope you have understood the formula.

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