Variable meaning in math explained

Learn and know what is the variable meaning in math. Have you heard the word variable? Yes first we will be hearing this word while studying algebra. Do you know what is it and what is the role of variable in algebra?

Variable meaning in math explained

The first answer that we will receive if we ask what is a variable to the students is “x or y or z”.  This is the common answer we will receive from all the students. Then suppose if we ask what is the meaning of the variable, for this there will be no answer with them. This happens generally with most of the students. This shows that they are lack in basics which means that they don’t know the meanings of some important words that we use in math. Without knowing the meanings if the students study also there will no use. Because, they don’t know exactly where and how to use that word. As, the word variable is very important in algebra, so definitely we should know the meaning of it. So now we will know the variable meaning.

Variable meaning as follows:

The meaning of the word variable is that “A symbol which is used for representing the unknown numbers”. Symbol means any one letter in the alphabets. Normally, for representing one unknown number we make use of the letter “x”. For representing two unknown numbers we make use of the letters “x, y” and for representing three unknown numbers we use the letters “x, y, z”.


All the alphabets in English language we call them as variables in mathematics.

Are you interested in knowing the person who introduced these symbols for the first time? The first person who introduced these symbols in the place of unknown numbers is he is a Greek mathematician by name Diophantus.

Now i think you have enough information about meaning of the variable.

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