Unit circle definition explained with example

All of us know what is the meaning of circle what about unit circle? The topic circle is a very important one in the higher classes. One total chapter is entirely dedicated to it and to its properties. We can in depth about circles in higher classes. Most probably in class 11 and 12.

Unit circle definition and properties

Now we will learn what is unit circle and its definition. Also we will study some important properties of unit circle.

Definition of unit circle:

A circle whose radius is 1 is called a unit circle. By the name of unit circle itself we can understand meaning of unit circle.

Unit circle definition and properties

The above circle with centre C has radius as 1 unit so this kind of circles are called as unit circles.

Properties of unit circle:

Centre of unit circle is (0, 0)

When comes to equation of unit circle as its centre is (0, 0) and radius is 1 unit so the equation is given by x2 + y2 = 1

Area of unit circle is given by 3.14 square units or π square units or 22/7 square units

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