Types of polygons explained

Learn about polygon and also types of polygons. In lower class, mathematics polygons are a very important topic. So every student should know about polygon definition and various types of polygons. The meaning of polygon is poly meaning is many and gon meaning is sides.

Important types of polygons

A Polygon definition can be defined as a simple closed figure which is bounded by line segments. For getting a closed figure do you know how many line segments we need? To draw a closed figure we need a minimum of three line segments. With two line segments, we get open figure only not a closed figure. So we can draw a closed figure by only with 3 line segments. Based on the number of line segments we have different types of polygons. Now we will study all of that different polygons.

Names of different types of polygons:

•A polygon which is bounded with three line segments is called a triangle.

Important types of polygons

•A polygon bounded with four line segments is called quadrilateral. In quadrilateral, we have different types based on sides and angles like a square, rectangle, trapezium, rhombus, kite and parallelogram, and so on.

Important types of polygons

•A polygon which is bounded with five line segments is called Pentagon.

Important types of polygons

•A polygon with six line segments is called Hexagon.

Important types of polygons

•A polygon with seven line segments is called Heptagon or sometimes we can also call as Septagon.

Important types of polygons

•A polygon with eight line segments is called Octagon.

Important types of polygons

•A polygon with nine line segments is called Nonagon.

Important types of polygons

•A polygon with ten line segments is called Decagon.

Important types of polygons

Up to ten line segments we have special names for a polygon. But we don’t have any special name for a polygon with 11 or 12 or 13 or … sides. But we can call them as

Number of Side’s  Polygon Name

11                              11-gon

12                              12-gon

13                              13-gon

14                              14-gon

15                              15-gon

And so on we can give the names for polygons according to sides. Hope all the definitions of types of polygons are very clear.

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