Trigonometric table for class 10 explained

Do you know how to learn easily the trigonometric table for class 10? In class 10, trigonometry chapter we have a table on basic angles and six trigonometric ratios. This is the basic trigonometric table that we will be learning in class 10. This trigonometric table is common for all the boards like CBSE, State.

Trigonometric table for class 10

We will be solving one or two exercises based on the trigonometric table. If we remember first trigonometric ratio i.e. sinθ then writing the values of other trigonometric ratios is very easy. For remembering sinθ values we have a trick. I will explain the trick after the trigonometric table.

Trigonometric table for class 10 is given below:

Trigonometric table for class 10 explained

Trick to write the values of sinθ :

Step I:

First write the whole numbers up to 4

0             1             2             3             4

Step II:

Now divide each number with the last digit i.e. 4

We get                

0/4         1/4         2/4         3/4         4/4

Step III:

Apply square root for all.

We get             

√0/4        √1/4        √2/4        √3/4        √4/4                          

Step IV:

Finally solve it. The result will be the values of sin.

0             1/2         1/√2    √3/2      1          

Trigonometric table for class 10                 

How to write cosθ values?

sinθ values from ending to starting is cosθ values

How to write tanθ values?

sinθ value and cosθ value divide, you will get the tanθ values.

How to write cosecθ values?

cosecθ values are reciprocals of sinθ values

How to write secθ values?

secθ values are reciprocals of cosθ values

How to write cotθ values?

cotθ values are reciprocals of tanθ values

I hope you understood how to write easily the trigonometric table of some basic angles. I believe that the trigonometric table I given will be useful for class 10 students.

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