Triangle definition explained

Learn and know what is a triangle? And how to explain triangle definition in geometry. In types of polygons triangle is the first one. Basically what is the meaning of the triangle?

Triangle definition explained

If we divide the word triangle into two parts i.e. “tri” and “angle”. The meaning of “tri” is three and the meaning of “angle” already we know. So totally triangle means we say three angle measurements. Up to know we discussed the meaning of a triangle, after this we will discuss about its definition. We can say the Triangle definition in so many different ways. All these explanations will be in a simple sentence. So it is easy to remember. Now we will see what are that definitions.

Triangle definition as follows:

A triangle can be explained as “if a polygon is bounded with three line segments then it is called a triangle”. One more definition for a triangle is “a simple closed figure bounded by three line segments is called a triangle”. If you want to explain triangle definition in a simple way we say that “a closed figure with three vertices and three edges is called a triangle”.

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