Transversal meaning in math explained

Learn the meaning of the word transversal in mathematics. We may be observing the word transversal in geometry and especially in the lines and angles chapter. Understanding the transversal meaning is a simple thing, so easily you can remember without any doubt and confusion.

Transversal meaning in math

In lines and angles, we are going to learn different types of angles like alternate interior angles, corresponding angles, co-interior angles, vertically opposite angles, interior angles, exterior angles and so on. All these different angles are formed because of the transversal. So I recommend every student should be aware of the transversal meaning.

Transversal meaning as follows:

Transversal is a line or it may be a line segment which intersects two or more straight lines or also line segments at different points.

Transversal meaning in math

Observe the diagram carefully, you can know which line is called transversal. The blue line is called transversal as it is intersecting two red lines. From the above diagram, it is very clear that there are totally eight angles are formed. They are ∠1,∠2 ,∠3 ,∠4,∠5,∠6,∠7 and ∠8

Hope you understood the transversal meaning.

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