Transposition meaning in math explained

Learn and know the meaning of transposition in mathematics. Transposition is one of the important words in math that every student should know. It is fact that many students are unaware of this word.

Transposition meaning in math

About transposition you would have learnt in lower classes, if not at least now you can know the meaning of transposition. Actually, we are making use of transposition while solving any problem i.e. in every solution. But we don’t know where we are making use of transposition. It is not a difficult term to understand about it. It is very simple to understand the meaning of transposition, so now we will learn it.

Meaning of Transposition as follows:

Any term (number or variable) of an equation can be taken to the other side by changing its sign. This process we call as transposition. While taking the term to the other side, changes in the sign are as follows.

+ changes to –

–  changes to +

× Changes to /

/ changes to × 


5 + y = 11

y = 11 – 5

y = 6

Here in the above equation if you observe, left hand side we have a number 5 which has + sign, when we took to the other side its sign changed to –

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