Term meaning in algebra explained

Learn and know the meaning of the word “term” in mathematics. At first, we will be learning or knowing about the word term in algebra chapter. Using of the word “term” is not only limited to algebra, in some other chapters also we use.

Term meaning in algebra

In sequence and series chapter, we will learn the formula for the general term of an A.P and general term of G.P. and so on. In this sentence you can observe the word “term”. In polynomial also we use the word “term”. In classification of polynomials based on terms, if there is a single term then we say that polynomial as “Monomial”. If there are two terms then that polynomial is called “Binomial”. So in this way in so many cases or situations we are using the word term. So you should know what is the meaning of term? To understand concepts in a better way.

The meaning of “term” in math as follows:

The meaning of the word “term” is nothing but it may be a variable or it may be a constant or it may be a combination of both constant and variable. All these, we are going call them as terms.


The letter “k” is called as a term.

Number “6” is called as a constant term or simply a term.

Now we will consider both variable and constant i.e. 2c is called as a term.

We say 3x + 7h + 8m + 6 is called as an algebraic expression. Can you say how many terms are there in the algebraic expression? There are 4 terms i.e. 3x, 7h, 8m and 6 are the four terms.


Always remember that if terms are separated by the either “+” or “-“consider them as different terms. Suppose if terms are separated by either “/” or “×”, consider them as single terms.

For example,

3v×5k is a single term only. Don’t consider them as two terms.

y/4g is also considered as a single term only, not as two terms.

Hope the meaning of the word “term” understood clearly.

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