Learn Table of 14 in maths

Learn and know how to write multiplication table of 14 in maths. Learning multiplication tables is very important for all the children. When we will apply this concept? We will apply the multiplication tables while multiplying two or more numbers.

Learn Table of 14 in maths  

We may be observing that children learning tables from 2 to 20 in school. Why learning tables up to 20 only? Because it is enough to do any calculations easily and also remaining tables you can write on your own. Now we will see what is table of 14 and the trick used for writing table of 14.

How to write table of 14?

The multiplication table of 14 is written as

14 x 1 = 14

14 x 2 = 28

14 x 3 = 42

14 x 4 = 56

14 x 5 = 70

14 x 6 = 84

14 x 7 = 91

14 x 8 = 112

14 x 9 = 126

14 x 10 = 140

A trick to write table of 14 as follows:

To learn table of 14 easily, follow my easy trick.

Learn Table of 14 in maths

Write table of 1 and beside that write table of 4 as shown in figure. Add the circled numbers and non circled numbers write as it is, then we get the table of 14 as shown in figure. This trick can be used for writing multiplication table of any two digit number. If you want take any two digit number and try to write the multiplication table of it.

Hope that you have understood and learned how to write table of 14.

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