Successor meaning in math explained

Learn and know the meaning of successor in math. Generally, we will be hearing about the word “successor” in number system chapter. While studying about the numbers we will hear the word successor.

Successor meaning in math

When we talk about meaning of successor definitely we should talk about predecessor also. These two words meanings i.e. successor and predecessor we should know. If you learn what is the meaning of successor then automatically one can understand what is predecessor. So first we will understand the meaning of successor.

Meaning or definition of successor as follows:

One more than the given number is called as a successor. For example, if “a” is a number then “a+1” is called as a successor. In another form, successor can be explained as “the immediate next number of the given number is called as successor”. Observe the examples given below; very easily you can understand the meaning of successor.


If the given number is 7, then successor of 7 is (7+1) = 8.

The successor of the number 35 is equal to 36.

Some more examples:


1 .If the successor of a given number is 69 then what is the number?


As the successor of the number is 69, so the number will be 68.

2. The successor of a number is given as “p-1” then find the number.


Given that successor is “p-1”, so the number is “p-2”.

3. The successor of first composite number is?


Do you know what is first composite number? The first composite number is 4. So, the successor of 4 is equal to 5.

4. The successor of smallest two digit even number?


The smallest two digit even number is 10. The successor of the number 10 is equal to 11.

5. Successor of greatest 5 digit number?


Greatest 5 digit number is 99999. Successor of 99999 is 100000.

6. Successor of the number { 7 }^{ 2 } ?


We know that, { 7 }^{ 2 } is 49. So, the successor of the number 49 is equal to 50.

Hope I have given the sufficient examples on successor.

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