Semicircle perimeter formula explained

Learn and know how we find the semicircle perimeter. For calculating this we have a formula, so learn it and find the perimeter.

Semicircle perimeter formula explained

Generally, all the students will think that as area of semicircle is half of the area of circle, in the similar manner they think that perimeter of the semicircle will be half of the perimeter of circle. But this is the wrong assumption. So now we will learn the formula to find semicircle perimeter.

What does semicircle means in math?

We know what is a circle? And we know how it looks like. Suppose if the circle is cut along the one of the diameter, then we get two equal parts. In those two equal parts, the each part we call it as a semicircle. In simple words we say what is semicircle means we can say as it’s a half of the circle.

The exact meaning of perimeter as follows:

 Generally, we will be hearing the word “perimeter” in geometry or in mensuration chapters. The meaning of perimeter is “the total length of boundary of given figure is called as the perimeter”. Suppose if it is a polygon then the perimeter is given as the sum of all the line segments. In case of circle, we call perimeter as the circumference.

Formula to find the perimeter of semicircle?

We know what is the semicircle called? So now we will try to find perimeter of it. To get the perimeter of the semicircle, we have to find the sum of the diameter and the semicircle arc length.

Semicircle perimeter formula explained

Length of Semicircle arc is given as r.

Length of diameter in terms of radius is given as 2r.

Therefore, the perimeter of the semicircle is given as r + 2r, where the value of  is taken as 22/7 and “r” is the radius of the circle.

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