Roster form of set explained with examples

Learn and know what is roster form of set in math. We have three methods for representing a set, in that three roster form is one of them.

Roster form of set explained with examples

The three different methods that we have for representing any set is descriptive form, set builder form and roster form. Roster form is also called as “list form”. Now we will learn how to write a given set in roster form with some examples. Before this, we have to get an idea about what is a set?

What is mean by a set? In math

In math, we have a chapter called sets. What does “set” mean? How to define a set? We can say the set as “it is the collection of well defined objects/things”. For example, collection of cricket stadiums is not a set because here the location is not mentioned. Suppose collection of cricket stadiums in India means then it is a set as it is well defined. In this manner we can say the difference between a set and not a set.

Definition of roster form of set as follows:

We have known what is a set? Now we will know the meaning of roster form of set. For any given set writing the all elements of that set in parenthesis and separated with commas is called as roster form. As we are listing all the elements of a set so we also call this as list form.


Writing a set from Descriptive form to roster from

Descriptive from of a set: set of multiples of 7 less than 40

Roster form of set: {7, 14, 21, 28, 35}

Writing a set from set builder form to roster form

Set builder form of set: {y/y = x + 1, x is a natural number}

Roster form of set: {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9,………………………………….}

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