Relation definition in math explained

Learn and know what is the relation definition in mathematics. In CBSE curriculum about relations, we will study in class 11. In matric curriculum, we study in class 10 or above. Anyhow knowing the definition and meaning of relation is very important.

Relation definition in math explained

In general English, the meaning of relation is very simple and easy to understand. In our daily life, we may be observing so many relations between any two human beings or any things or objects. For example, son and father, son and mother, daughter and mother, brother and sister, aunty and uncle, grandfather and grandmother. If we consider some numbers like 2 and 4, 3 and 9, 4 and 64, 5 and 125, 6 and 216. If you observe the numbers 2 and 4, there is a square relation between them. If we take 5 and 125, there is cube relation among them. Like this, we may be seeing so many relations. The same we can apply for some other numbers/objects also. We can say that between any two numbers/objects there will be a some relation. What may be the relation, how to express that relation and types of relations all these you have to know. Now let us take a simple example if we take the numbers 6 and 9, we say that 6 is smaller than 9, so here the relation between 6 and 9 is “is smaller than”.

Definition of relation as follows:

The definition of relation is given as “it is a rule by which every element of set A is associated with the every element of set B. the second definition is given as “let us consider any two non empty sets, let’s say set P and set Q. then we say that a Relation R is the subset of Cartesian product of P and Q i.e. P × Q.

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