Reflex angle definition explained with examples

Learn and know what is reflex angle definition in geometry? We know that there are different types of angles in math. All the angles will be having a particular range. Based on the range we give names to different angles.

Reflex angle definition explained with examples

Firstly, you should have an idea on what is mean by an angle? If you know this then only we can learn and understand what is reflex angle? I hope that you what is angle? So, now am directly explain about reflex angle definition and some examples upon it. Go through point by point you can understand it easily.

Definition of reflex angle as follows:

The reflex angle definition is given as “The angles which are more than 180 degrees and less than 360 degrees i.e. the angles which are between 180 degrees to 360 degrees we say the angles as reflex angles”.

Is the sum of two reflex angles is a complete angle? No, there is no chance. Sum of two reflex angles is not equal to one complete angle.

Examples of Reflex angles in a clock:

For understanding what are reflex angles? The best product to use for explaining and to show reflex angles is a wall clock. See the above given clock’s diagram, you will find reflex angles.


Always measure the angles in clockwise direction, if you measure in anticlockwise direction, you will get acute angle. This also you can find in the above given clock’s diagram clearly.

Hope reflex angle definition and examples are clear.

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