Real numbers definition explained

Learn what are the real numbers and real numbers definition. In number system, real numbers is the important concept which is not be neglected. In math we have different types of numbers in that real numbers is one of them.

Real numbers definition

Up to now we studied about natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, and irrational numbers. After irrational numbers the next type of numbers is real numbers. Now we will study about real numbers.

Real numbers definition is given as:

The simple definition of real numbers is “union of rational (Q) and irrational numbers ( { Q }^{ | } ) are called as the real numbers”. These numbers are denoted by the letter “R”. So we say that all the natural numbers (N), whole numbers (W), integers (I), rational numbers (Q), irrational numbers ( { Q }^{ | } ) are also called as real numbers.

Hope real numbers definition is simple and easy to remember.

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