Radius meaning in math explained

Learn and know what is radius meaning in mathematics. The word “radius” frequently we will be getting in the circles concept. Actually “radius” is mainly related to the circles.

Radius meaning in math explained

We have different terms which are associated with the circles. For example, diameter, secant, tangent, chord, arc, segment and also radius. All these meanings or definitions, knowing are very important regarding circles. Without knowing meanings of these terms we cannot understand the circles concept. So now we are going o discuss about everything about radius i.e. radius meaning, radius symbol, difference between radii and radius and so on.

What is does “the radius of a circle” meaning in math?

In a circle, the distance from centre of a circle (C) to the any point on the circumference of the circle we call it as “radius of a circle”.

Radius meaning in math explained

Observe the above diagram which shows the radius of the circle and its representation.

What is the symbol of radius?

When we talk about symbol of radius, see generally there is no any particular symbol for radius. We generally denote the radius with the variable “r” as the word radius is starting with “r”.

What is the meaning of radii in math?

If we are mentioning about a single radius then we say there exists 1 radius. Suppose if we are mentioning more than one radius then we say it as there exists 3 radii or 4 radii like that. Simple and in an easy way if we want say difference between the words radius and radii, we say that radius is in singular form and radii is in plural form.

Is the radius really half of the diameter of the circle?

Generally in a circle, the combination of two radii forms a diameter. So from this it is clear that the radius will be half of the diameter of the circle. Regarding this mathematically we write r = \frac { diameter }{ 2 } .

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