Properties of square explained

Learn the important properties of square. Everyone should know the square properties. In quadrilaterals this is the most important topic to study. Without knowing the properties not only for square for any quadrilateral one should know the properties to solve questions or problems.

Properties of square

Before moving to main topic, we will define what is a square. I hope you know the definition of a square. Anyhow once again we will define it. A quadrilateral becomes a square if all its four sides are equal and each internal angle is 90. Now Without making delay, let me explain the most important and useful properties of square.

List of important properties of square:

  • Each internal and external angle of a square is equal to 90 .
  • It has two diagonals and the two diagonals are equal in length.
  • It is a regular polygon as it has all equal angles and equal sides.
  • Opposite sides and opposite angles are equal.
  • The Sum of the adjacent angles is equal to 180.
  • Opposite sides are parallel and equal.
  • Diagonals bisect each other.
  • The two Diagonals meet at 90.
  • Each of the two diagonals will divide the square into two congruent isosceles right angled triangles.
  • I listed the maximum properties of square and if any property missing let me know.
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