Properties of rectangle

Learn the important properties of rectangle which will help you in doing problems. Like any other objects rectangle also have some important properties. As a student knowing properties of rectangle is good and it is required also.

Properties of rectangle

Before studying properties we will just revise the definition of rectangle which we studied already. A rectangle is a quadrilateral in which opposite sides are equal in length and all four angles are equals to 90 degrees. Now we will list out all the important properties of rectangle. Each of these properties is very important to remember.

Important properties of rectangle:

→Length of opposite sides are equal and also parallel.

→Each of the interior angles of rectangle is equal to 90 degrees.

Properties of rectangle

→It has two diagonals which are equal in length and bisect each other.

Sum of interior angles is equal to 360 degrees.

→For a rectangle Sum of exterior angles is equal to 360 degrees.

→If a rectangle has length “L “units and breadth “B “units then length of the diagonal is given by

Properties of rectangle

Properties of rectangle

→Each diagonal of rectangle divides it into two congruent triangles.

I hope you understood the concept.

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