Predecessor meaning in math explained

Learn and know the predecessor meaning in mathematics. Successor and predecessor, these are the two definitions important to class 5 and 6 students.

Predecessor meaning in math explained

If you know what is mean by successor? Automatically predecessor meaning you can get it easily. If you don’t know about successor also there won’t be any problem. Understanding the concept of what is predecessor? Is very simple. So now we will learn and know the meaning of predecessor and definition and we will solve some examples to understand the predecessor meaning in much better way.

The word predecessor meaning as follows:

We know in mathematics, there exists so many types of numbers. Now let us consider a natural number 6. Everyone knows that before 6 and after 6 there will be some number. After 6, we get 7. This number 7 we call it as successor and before 6 we get 5. What is the name of this? Yes 5 we call it as a predecessor. So from this I think you understood the meaning of predecessor. After this see how to define a predecessor.

Predecessor definition:

The meaning of predecessor just know we have known. Now from the meaning we will write the definition of predecessor. The definition of predecessor is given as “if C is a number then
“C-1” is called as the predecessor of C”.

Predecessor meaning in math explained

Some examples on how to find predecessor:

Find the predecessor of 36.


The given number is 36. So the (36-1) = 35 is the predecessor.

If the predecessor is given as 75, then find the number.


As the predecessor is 75, so the number will be 1 more than this i.e. 75+1 = 76 is the number.

Find the product of successor of 21 and predecessor of 96.


Here the question is based on both predecessor and successor. So one by one we will find out then we find product.

The successor of 21 is (21+1) = 22.

The predecessor of 96 is (96-1) = 95.

Therefore, the required product is 22 x 95 = 2090.

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