Perpendicular bisector definition explained

Learn and know what is a perpendicular bisector in geometry. Not only knowing what is perpendicular bisector, learn how to draw it.

Perpendicular bisector definition

If we see the perpendicular bisector into two different words. The meaning of perpendicular we know already. Perpendicular means the line which s making 90º angle. The meaning of bisector is dividing into two equal parts. Now we will know what is perpendicular bisector definition.

Definition of Perpendicular bisector:

The perpendicular line which divides the given line into two equal parts is called perpendicular bisector. Do you know how to draw perpendicular bisector through construction?

Let us consider one line segment PQ.

Perpendicular bisector definition

With the help of compass, from point P and by taking more than half of PQ length as radius, draw one arc above the line and below the line.

Perpendicular bisector definition

Now from point Q and with the same radius cut the previous arcs. Above the line two arcs intersecting at a point. For that point let us give some name, let the point be R.

In the same way below the line segment the two arcs intersecting point mark as S.

Now join the points R and S.

Perpendicular bisector definition

The RS line segment is called as perpendicular bisector which divided line segment PQ into two equal parts. From diagram it is clear that PT = TQ.

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