Null set definition explained with examples

Do you know what is a null set? And what are the examples of a null set. Actually, Null set is one of the types of sets. Null set is also called with two more names, do you know what are that names. The two names you can find it under the definition of a null set section.

Null set definition explained

Hope you know the meaning and definition of a set. Now understanding what is a null set is not a big problem, it is very easy. So directly we will learn and know about the null set.

Definition of a null set:

The general meaning of null is nothing. So the definition for a null set is given as “a set with no elements or without any elements is called as a null set”. Null set is also called as an empty set or void set. Null set or empty set or void set is denoted by the symbol  (phi) or { }.


The set of whole numbers less than zero is a null set because less than zero there are no whole numbers.

Collection of all the months in a year which contains 10 Sundays is a null set because there is no possibility of getting 10 Sundays in a month.

I hope that you have understood what is a null set with definition and examples.

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