NCERT Maths Syllabus for Class 7 details

Know the latest NCERT Maths Syllabus for class 7. Recently NCERT has updated the books by adding or removing some topics. My opinion is after updating the NCERT class 7 maths book, now the new book with new syllabus looks good.

NCERT Maths Syllabus for Class 7

Totally NCERT class 7 Maths book has 15 chapters. I have listed all the chapters in NCERT class 7 maths book, with subtopics. With these you can get a clear idea about the chapter and important concepts in that.

Updated NCERT Maths Syllabus for Class 7 (1 to 5) chapters are given below:

Chapters Names:

Chapter 1 : Integers




                       1.3-Properties of Addition and Subtraction of Integers

                       1.4-Multiplication of Integers

                       1.5-Properties of Multiplication of Integers

                       1.6-Division of Integers

                       1.7-Properties of Division of Integers

Chapter 2 : Fractions And Decimals



                              2.2-How Well Have You Learnt About Fractions

                              2.3-Multiplication of Fractions

                              2.4-Division of Fractions

                              2.5-How Well Have You Learnt About Decimal Numbers

                              2.6-Multiplication of Decimal Numbers

                              2.7-Division of Decimal Numbers

Chapter 3 : Data Handling



                           3.2-Collecting Data

                           3.3-Organisation of Data

                           3.4-Representative values

                           3.5-Arithmetic Mean



                          3.8-Use of Bar Graphs with a different purpose

                          3.9-Chance and Probability

Chapter 4 : Simple Equations


                              4.1-A Mind Reading Game

                              4.2-Setting up of an Equation

                              4.3-Review of what we know

                              4.4-What Equations is?

                              4.5-More equations

                              4.6-From Solution to Equation

                              4.7-Applications of Simple Equations to practical situations

Chapter 5: Lines And Angles



                              5.2-Releated Angles

                              5.3-Pairs of lines

                              5.4-Checking for parallel lines

NCERT Maths Syllabus for Class 7

Updated NCERT Maths Syllabus for Class 7 (6 to 10) chapters are given below:

Chapter 6 : The Triangle And Its Properties



                              6.2-Medians of a Triangle

                              6.3-Altitudes of a Triangle

                              6.4-Exterior Angle of a Triangle and its Property

                              6.5-Angle Sum Property of a Triangle

                              6.6-Two Special Triangles –Equilateral and Isosceles

                              6.7-Sum of lengths of two sides of the triangle

                              6.8-Right angled triangles and Pythagoras property

Chapter 7 : Congruence Of Triangles



                              7.2-Congruence of plane figures

                              7.3-Congruence among line segments

                              7.4-Congruence of Angles

                              7.5-Congruence of Triangles

                              7.6-Criteria for Congruence of Triangles

                              7.7-Congruence among Right angles triangles

Chapter 8: Comparing Quantities



                              8.2-Equivalent Ratios

                              8.3-Percentage —-Another way of comparing quantities

                              8.4-Use of percentages

                              8.5-The Prices related to an item or buying and selling

                              8.6-Charge given on borrowed money or simple interest

Chapter 9: Rational Numbers



                              9.2-Need for rational numbers

                              9.3-what are rational numbers

                              9.4-Positive and negative rational numbers

                              9.5-Rational numbers on a number line

                              9.6-Rational numbers in standard form

                              9.7-Comparision of rational numbers

                              9.8-Rational numbers between two rational numbers

                              9.9-Operations on rational numbers

Chapter 10: Practical Geometry



                              10.2-The Construction of the line, parallel to the any given line through a point not on the line

                              10.3-The Construction of Triangles

                              10.4-The Constructing a triangle when the lengths of its three sides are known (SSS)

                              10.5-The Constructing a triangle when the lengths of two sides and the measure of the angle between them are known (SAS)

                              10.6-The Constructing a triangle when the measures of two of its angles and the length of the side included between them is given (ASA)

                              10.7-The Constructing a right angled triangle when the lengths of one leg and its hypotenuse are given (RHS)

NCERT Maths Syllabus for Class 7

Updated NCERT Maths Syllabus for Class 7 (11 to 15) chapters are given below:

Chapter 11: Perimeter And Area



                              11.2-Squares and rectangles

                              11.3-Area of Parallelogram

                              11.4-Area of a triangle


                              11.6-Conversion of units


Chapter 12: Algebraic Expressions



                              12.2-How are expressions formed

                              12.3-Terms of an expression

                              12.4-Like and unlike terms

                              12.5-Monomials, Binomials, Trinomials, Polynomials

                              12.6-Addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions

                              12.7-Finding the value of an expression

                              12.8-Using algebraic expressions formulas and rules

Chapter 13 : Exponents And Powers




                              13.3-Laws of exponents

                              13.4-Miscellaneous examples using the laws of exponents

                              13.5-Decimal number system

                              13.6-Expressing the large numbers in the standard form

Chapter 14 : Symmetry



                              14.2-Lines of symmetry for regular polygons

                              14.3-Rotational symmetry

                              14.4-Line symmetry and rotational symmetry

 Chapter 15: Visualising Solid Shapes



                              15.2-Faces edges and vertices

                              15.3-Nets for building 3D shapes

                              15.4-Drawing solids on a flat surface

                              15.5-viewing different sections of a solid

Hope that new edition of NCERT Maths book is better than previous one.

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