Mixed fraction definition explained with examples

Learn and know the mixed fraction definition in math. Mixed fraction is one of the types of fractions. Other than mixed fraction, we have two important fractions. They are proper fraction and improper fraction.

Mixed fraction definition explained

When and what are the some general situations where we observe the mixed fractions? Let us think that you have given five squares. The Fifth Square is divided into eight equal parts. Now how to represent 4 complete squares and in fifth square taking one part as a fraction? Now we will make use of these mixed fractions. Like these there will be many situations. So know more about mixed fractions i.e. learn and understand mixed fraction definition and examples.

Mixed fraction definition as follows:

If the Fractions contain whole number part and proper fraction part then those fractions are called as mixed fractions. We also say that mixed fractions are the combinations of whole number and a proper fraction.


2 5/7, 9 1/3, 14 8/17 ……..

It is very clear that in the above examples we observe whole number and proper fraction. So we call these types of fractions as mixed fractions.


Improper fractions can be converted as mixed fractions and mixed fractions can be converted as improper fractions. But proper fractions cannot be converted as mixed fractions.

Hope you have learnt the mixed fraction definition and its examples.

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