Midpoint formula explained

Learn and know the midpoint formula in coordinate geometry. Midpoint formula is one of the basic formulas we have to know in coordinate geometry. There are mainly four formulas are there in basic coordinate geometry chapter. The formulas are distance between two points, section formula, midpoint formula and area of triangle formula.

Midpoint formula explained

With section formula that means if we know section formula, we can derive the midpoint formula very easily. In section formula the ratio m: n if we take 1: 1 and if we simplify we will get the midpoint formula. Now we will find out the formula for finding coordinates of midpoint.

Midpoint formula given below:

Let us consider a line segment PQ with the points P(x1, y1) and Q(x2, y2). If R is a mid point on the line segment PQ then the coordinates of the point R is given by the formula.

midpoint formula


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