Mensuration meaning in math explained

Learn and know the mensuration meaning in mathematics. This is the one of the important chapter that we will study in our school syllabus. If anyone asks you to learn mensuration then we need to ask them why we need to learn mensuration chapter and what are the applications of it. Because we should know it then only learning the concept becomes more interesting. Otherwise we won’t that much interest to learn any concept.

Mensuration meaning in math explained

Now am going explain clearly with some examples why we should learn mensuration chapter from which you can understand what is mensuration meaning a little bit. Each and every point that we will learn in mensuration chapter is very important. Learning mensuration concepts will help in so many ways in our daily life. For example, if you want to construct a house and if you don’t know how much area required exactly then how to construct it? How to plan for construction? And For a new house we need to fix a new door, is it right. For fixing the door we need to know its exact lengths otherwise we need to face some problems. In the water tank how much water we can fill, how to know this? For all these the simple answer is learning mensuartion. These are the some real life applications where we can apply some concept that studied in mensuration chapter. So it is important to know mensuration meaning i.e. definition before leaning the concepts of mensuration.

Mensuration meaning as follows:

Mensuration meaning is that “Mensuration is one of the branches of mathematics which is mainly deals with the studying of measuring of lengths, areas, and volumes”.


Volume of a cone, volume of a cuboid, volume of cylinder, area of parallelogram, area of trapezium, area of circle and so on. In mensuration chapter we will learn all these how to find.

Hope that now you have known what is the mensuration meaning and learning this how it helps in our daily life.

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