Meaning of secant explained

Learn and know the meaning of secant of a circle in geometry. Secant is a word which is related to the circle concept. In order to understand a circle clearly, we need to know so many things like what is radius, what is diameter, what is circumference of a circle and so on. In the same way we have to know what is secant meaning.

Meaning of secant explained

We also hear the word secant in trigonometry chapter also. In trigonometry, secant is one of the six trigonometric ratios. Secant meaning is “it is a ratio of hypotenuse side to adjacent side” of a right triangle. In terms of circle, what is the secant meaning? It is entirely different from trigonometry. Now I will discuss what is secant? In circle with clear cut explanation by using a diagram.  

What is the meaning of secant in a circle?

The meaning of secant is very simple and it goes like this “secant is a line which intersects the circle at 2 points”. We can also say as “if a line is meeting the circle at any 2 points then that line is called as secant”. For understanding in a better way just observe the below given diagram. A circle is drawn with centre A. Now observe the line which is meeting the circle at two points i.e. it is meeting at point B and point C. This line name we given as “m” and we call it as a secant of a circle.

Meaning of secant explained

Hope that now you have learnt what is mean by secant of circle.  

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