Loss percentage formula explained

Have you studied about loss? Loss percentage? And did you learn Loss percentage formula? Now we will try to learn the meanings and formula one by one.

Loss percentage formula

What is the meaning of the word loss? Basically the word loss will come in consumer arithmetic chapter. Loss means suppose if you brought a product for x rupees and for some reason if you sell it to your friends or any other people for less than x rupees then we say that on whole transaction we got loss.

               For example, let us think that we brought table fan for 2000 rupees and after a week we sold it for 1800 rupees. Now if we observe this transaction we lost 200 rupees. So when we say that we get loss means if cost price is greater than selling price.

               Now I think you are very clear about what is loss? So next we will know what is loss percentage. Loss percentage means calculating the loss amount in terms of percentage. For knowing loss percentage we should apply loss percentage formula which you are going to learn know.

Loss percentage formula is given below:

Loss percentage = (loss/cost price) × 100%   where loss = cost price – selling price


Loss percentage formula can be modified and we can get a formula for cost price in terms of loss and loss percentage. Loss formula also we can get in terms of cost price and loss percentage.


♥ Amir brought a TV for 15000 rupees. After 2 days he sold it for 10000 rupees then find the loss percentage.



                              Cost price = 15000

                              Selling price = 10000

Loss = cost price – selling price

         = 15000 – 10000

        = 5000

Therefore, based on loss percentage formula, we get

          Loss %        = (5000/15000) × 100%

                              = (1/3) × 100%

                              = (100/3) %

                              = 33.3333%

I hope you got the lost percentage formula.

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