Linear pair definition and example explained

Learn and know the how to explain linear pair definition in Geometry. We also know the real life example for linear pair that we observe in our daily life.

Linear pair definition and example explained 

Before learning the definition, we will understand the meaning of linear pair. In linear pair we have two words. If we see them separately linear means straight line and pair means two. As we understood the meaning, now I will give the definition of linear pair and also some examples.

Linear pair definition in math as follows:

If the sum of the two adjacent angles is supplementary or it is equals to { 180 }^{ 0 } then we say the two adjacent angles forms a linear pair.

If the non common arms of two adjacent angles are in opposite direction then also we say the two adjacent angles forms a linear pair.


Linear pair definition and example explained

In the diagram, we have two adjacent angles i.e. ∠SPQ and ∠SPR . The non common arms of these two angles i.e. PQ and PR forms a straight line and sum of the two angles is supplementary. So the two angles ∠SPQ and ∠SPR forms a linear pair.

Linear pair example in real life:

Pen stand is one of the examples in real life for linear pair. Still if you come across any real life example let me know.

Hope linear pair definition is clear.

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