Like fractions explained with examples

Learn and know what are the like fractions in fractions concept in mathematics. Do you know what is the use of learning about like fractions? One of the most important applications is addition of fractions or subtraction of fractions can be carried out very easily if they are like fractions.

Like fractions explained with examples

Before learning like fractions we have to know what does a fraction means. I hope that you know what is a fraction and how to represent it. So without wasting the time we will directly move on to learn and know about like fractions.

Like fractions definition:

The definition of like fractions can be explained as “Fractions with the same denominator are called as the like fractions”. The meaning is that first observe all the given fractions and in the fractions those who have same denominator we call them as like fractions.


Let the given fractions be 1/8, 5/4, 9/8, 14/13, 17/19, 20/7, 11/8, 3/14, 51/8.

In the above given fractions, the fractions 1/8, 9/8, 11/8, 51/8 are called like fractions because they have same denominator.

Let us consider some more fractions. 17/53, 69/20, 97/53, 73/12, 83/104. From these fractions the fractions 17/53 and 97/53 are like fractions. Remaining are not because they have different denominators.

Now you may be getting doubt that if fractions have different denominator then what we should call them? Yes we call them as unlike fractions. Now from above list of fractions what will list out the unlike fractions. 5/4, 14/13, 17/19, 20/7, 3/14 are called as unlike fractions.

Below are given some fractions in that find out which are like fractions? If you understood the concept then you can find very easily.

88/74, 21/65, 37/29, 101/65, 235/29, 41/74.

Do you find out? Check your answer if you find out. In the above fractions, 21/65 and 101/65; 88/74 and 41/74; 37/29 and 235/29 are like fractions. So totally we have 3 sets of like fractions from 6 fractions.

Hope like fractions concept is understood without any confusion.

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