Intersecting lines explained with example

Learn what are intersecting lines in geometry and their properties. As we know In general we have so many lines, in that how to identify intersecting lines? It’s very simple to identify them.

Intersecting lines explained

Before learning about intersecting lines first we will try to know what is a line. After knowing about the line we will study about intersecting lines. The definition of a line is given as “if a line segment is extended in both the directions indefinitely then it forms a line” or “if all the points in a plane if we join in a particular order and extend it in both the directions indefinitely its forms a line. A line has no breadth and height. It has the only length.

Intersecting lines definitions:

There are 3 to 4 definitions we can write for intersecting lines. All the definitions I will explain one by one. In that choose any easy definition to learn, all definitions gives the same meaning.

If any two given lines meet at a point or intersect at a point then those two lines are called intersecting lines. We can also define if two lines are not parallel lines (non intersecting line) then the two lines are called intersecting lines. One more definition is given as “if any two given lines has a common point then we can call them as intersecting lines. The meeting point of two lines or intersecting point of two lines is called intersecting point.

Example for intersecting lines:

Intersecting lines explained

From the above given diagram, we can say the lines H1 and T1 are intersecting lines as they are intersecting at point K. I mean they are meeting at point K.


In intersecting lines, the vertically opposite angles are always equal in measure. Do you know Perpendicular lines are also comes under intersecting lines only. They are intersecting at 90.

I hope this simple concept intersecting lines you understood very well.

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