IIT JEE full form and its importance explained

Know the full form of IIT JEE. If you are a school going child then you may be heard about IIT JEE. Do you know what is meaning of IIT JEE? And the importance of IIT JEE.

IIT JEE full form and its importance explained

IIT JEE is an entrance exam and one of the prestigious exams in India for studying engineering which is conducted by the IIT’s. Any students who is completed 12th class or who is going to complete 12th class are eligible to write IIT JEE exam. This entrance exam is for those students who wish to study their engineering course in India’s prestigious colleges i.e. IIT’s. Mainly the exam will be conducted in 3 subjects i.e. Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. So if you are stronger in these 3 subjects then it is not difficult to clear IIT JEE. Why we should study in IIT’s? Because the first thing is those who studied in IIT’s will have bright future. All the big companies like Amazon, Face book, Google, Twitter and many more will recruit from IIT’s only. They give first preference to IIT students. Generally, they recruit with very high packages. So people will believe that if you study in IIT your life will be settled.

The full form of IIT JEE as follows:

We know that IIT JEE is an entrance exam, now we will know what is the full form of IIT JEE. In IIT, I stands for Indian, second I stands for Institute and T stands for technology. In JEE, J stands for Joint E stands for Entrance and second E stands for Exam. So finally what is IIT JEE full form is?


 I-Institute of





If your aim is to become an engineer then attempting IIT JEE exam is one of the good options that you have.

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