Full form of NCERT explained

Do you know what is the actual full form of NCERT? We know that there are some schools all over India which follows NCERT books. The schools which are running on CBSE stream will be following mostly NCERT syllabus only.

Full form of NCERT In competitive exams also NCERT syllabus has more importance. For example, those who are attempting IIT JEE and NEET exams, teacher’s advice that first complete learning NCERT syllabus first then go to other reference books. The reason behind saying like this is IIT JEE and NEET maximum questions framing will be based on NCERT syllabus. So studying of NCERT books will give you chance to score maximum marks, especially in NEET you can score good marks. It is observed that NEET question paper is mainly based on NCERT syllabus. Up to here it’s ok but what is the abbreviation of NCERT? I mean the full form of NCERT? Now we are going know it.

The full form of NCERT as follows:

Being a student or a teacher we should know the full form of NCERT. What I came to know is the maximum students are unaware of the abbreviation of NCERT? They know they are studying NCERT syllabus but they don’t have an idea about the full form of NCERT.

In NCERT, N stands for National, C stands for Council, E stands for Education, R stands for research and T stands for Training.

Who runs this organization? NCERT is running under government of India. The main reason to setup this organization is that, it suggests some ideas to the education department in the state and central for implementing quality education in the school level. And also it monitors syllabus time to time whether it will fit to present situation or not and if required it will make some changes in syllabus also.

I hope now you know the full form of NCERT.

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