Full form of CPCT in math explained

Learn and know the full form of CPCT in mathematics. We usually use CPCT notation in Geometry that too specially in congruence concepts. While solving problems based on congruence then and there you can observe CPCT notation. If you don’t know what is fullform of CPCT then understanding the problems is very difficult.

Full form of CPCT in math explained

Suppose if two triangles are congruent let’s say  DEF and  PQR are congruent then we say that DE = PQ, EF = QR and DF = PR and D = P,  = Q and F = R. To all these we use one simple notation called CPCT .Now we will learn the full form of CPCT.

The CPCT full form (abbreviation) is as follows:

The CPCT (abbreviation) stands for ‘corresponding parts of congruent triangles’. From now if you observe CPCT anywhere think that the meaning of that is ‘corresponding parts of congruent triangles’.

Hope now you have learnt what is the meaning of CPCT.

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