Finite sets definition and examples explained

Learn and know what are finite sets and how to define them which comes under classifications of sets. For learning the definition of finite sets it’s enough to know what is the meaning of the finite.

Finite sets definition and examples explained

What is the meaning of the finite? To know the meaning no need of mathematics. You can get the meaning of that in any dictionary. The meaning of the word finite is “limited” or also called as “countable”. I think after knowing the meaning of finite, you can imagine what are the finite sets?

Finite sets definition as follows:

In any given sets, if there are a limited number of elements/objects or countable number of elements/objects then that sets are called as finite sets. Opposite to this definition, we can write infinite sets definition.


C = {1, 5, 7, 10, 4, 2}

In the set C, we have only six elements, it means that set C has a limited or countable number of elements. So set C is a finite set.

D = {x: x = 5n, n∈N, n<4}

Set D is given in set builder form or rule form, so first we need to it in list form. After listing all the elements in set D we can easily say whether it is finite set or not.

D = {5, 10, 15}, according to the given conditions in set D, we get three elements. As it contains limited number of elements so it is called as finite set.

G is the set of prime numbers which are less than 1000. Can you say what kind of set G is? As the prime numbers less than 1000 are countable so set G is a finite set.

If U is given as the set of all the stars in the sky. As the stars are not possible to count so it is not a finite set.

Hope you have understood the finite sets definition and related examples.

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