Factorization definition in math explained

Learn and know what is factorization definition?  In mathematics. The word “factorization” we will hear in the algebra chapter in math. Learning factorization will help in solving many problems in mathematics.

Factorization definition in math

In quadratic equations or expressions concept, we will write the quadratic equation or expression as the product of two linear expressions by factorization. So it is good to know meaning or definition of factorization. For quadratic expressions we have a special method for finding the factors. So you need to know the method if want to write as the product two linear factors. But before all these, first know what is the factorization and its definition.

Definition of factorization as follows:

The Factorization definition is given as “Writing the given expressions/numbers as the product of two or more expressions/numbers”. Then what is prime factorization? Here we use only prime numbers for factorization of any given number. This is the difference between factorization and prime factorization.


18 = 2 x 9, here we wrote 18 as the product of 2 and 9.

26 = 13 x 2, here we wrote 26 as the product of 13 and 2.

45 = 15 x 3, here we wrote 45 as the product of 15 and 3.

9p2 -4q2 = (3p) 2 – (2q) 2 = (3p+2q) (3p-2q), here we wrote 9p2 -4q2 as the product of (3p+2q) and (3p-2q).

8x-6 = 2(4x-3) here we wrote 8x-6 as the product of 2 and (4x-3).

Prime factorization examples:

15 = 3 x 5, 15 we wrote as the product of 3 and 5. Both are prime numbers so it is called as prime factorization.

Some more examples of prime factorization:

22 = 11 x 2

30 = 2 x 3 x 5

28 = 2 x 2 x 7

Hope you have understood what is factorization and factorization definition along with the examples.

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