Exact value of pi up to 100 decimal places

We know what is pi and we know that it has some value but most of us don’t know the exact value of pi. Now lets us try to know what is the exact value of pi, actually it is not exact value but we will try to know up to 100 decimal places.

Exact value of pi

Everybody knows the pi value as \frac { 22 }{ 7 } or 3.14 but is not exact value of pi it is an approximate value of pi only. Generally, we will use an approximate value of π while solving problems as taking the exact value is very difficult. To be frank, finding the exact value of pi is also not possible and it is not that much easy because it contains an infinite number of decimal digits.

In mathematics, as we are using pi frequently, so every student should know about pi value. If you can remember the value of pi at least up to 100 decimal places, this will give you a unique identity among other students. Even you can display pi value up to 1000 or 5000 decimal places in your school exhibition. So try it once.

Below you can find the exact value of pi which contains the 100 decimal places:

Exact value of pi


Pi is the best example for irrational number because it is non terminating non repeating decimal.

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