Equation definition in math explained

Learn and know what is the meaning of equation and definition of equation in mathematics. Generally, in maths the word equation comes across in so many situations. While solving problems we may get some equations. On solving these equations we will get final result. Like this every where we will get equations in maths.

definition of equation and examples

In math, we have so many equations like simple equations, quadratic equations, cubic equations, linear equations, and so on. To understand all these we should have known what is an equation first. So now we will learn about equation meaning and its definition.

The equation definition as follows:

Equation definition is given as “If the two expressions are connected by the equal to (=) sign then it is called as an equation”. In equation we have two parts i.e. L.H.S and R.H.S. abbreviation of L.H.S is Left Hand Side and R.H.S is Right Hand Side. Equal to sign before we call it as L.H.S and equal to after call it as R.H.S. these terms are used while proving something. We will take L.H.S and simplify and we will see that we are getting R.H.S, finally we write L.H.S = R.H.S, hence proved.


Let 7x and 3y be the two expressions. If these two expressions are connected by “=” sign then it is an equation i.e. 7x = 3y. On simplification we write it as 7x-3y = 0. In 7x = 3y, L.H.S is 7x and R.H.s is 3y.

Some important equations:

Straight line equation: ax+by+c=0, a, b is not equal to zero.

Linear equation in one variable: ax+c =0, “a” is not equal to zero.

Quadratic equation: ax2 +bx+c =0, “a” is not equal to zero, a, b, c are complex numbers.

I think after going through above definition of equation and examples, now you might have known what exactly an equation is.

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