Division meaning in math explained

Learn and know what is the meaning of division in mathematics. Everyone should know about this because we all know how to division. But we don’t know what’s its meaning? If you want to be master in mathematics, then you should know every small definition also. May be division meaning looks like a small thing. But we should know it.

Division meaning in math explained

Division is the one of the fundamental operations that we have in math. The other fundamental operations in math are addition (+), subtraction (-) and multiplication (x). Almost all the problems that we do in maths, some where we will make use of division concept. So it is important to know division meaning before knowing the process of division.

Meaning of division as follows:

The meaning of “DIVISION” in mathematics is “repeatedly if we subtract a fixed number from the given larger number then it is called as Division”. The symbols used for denoting the division are “÷” or “—“or “/” or “:”, any one of the four symbols can be used for division. Based on situation, we will use different notations for division.


\frac { 12 }{ 3 } , how to solve this? Subtract 3 from 12, with the result subtract 3 again and so on. Repeat the same process up to you get 0. How many times we are subtracting for getting 0, that number is the answer. See the below example. The fixed number here is 3 and the given larger number is 12.

12-3 = 9, 9-3 = 6, 6-3 = 3, 3-3 = 0

We have subtracted 3, four times for getting 0. So \frac { 12 }{ 3 } is equal to 4.

Let us try one more division, am considering \frac { 24 }{ 4 } . How to find the result. Just subtract 4 from 24 and then with the result again subtract 4 and so on. The fixed number here is 4 and the given larger number is 24.

24-4 = 20, 20-4 = 16, 16-4 = 12, 12-4 = 8, 8-4 = 4, 4-4 = 0

We have subtracted 4, 6 times for getting 0. So \frac { 24 }{ 4 } result is 6.

Hope now you have understood division meaning without any doubt.

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