Disjoint sets explained with definition and example

Learn and know what are the disjoint sets and how we can define it. This concept we will get in set theory chapter that we study in class 9 or 10.

Disjoint sets explained

In sets, we have so many types of sets like equal sets, equivalent sets, null set, singleton set, overlapping sets in that disjoint sets is also one of the types of sets. Now we will understand disjoints sets by the definition and also with some example.

Disjoint sets definition:

Any two sets are called as disjoint sets if they don’t have any common elements or objects.



Let us consider two sets, P is the set of odd numbers and Q is the set of even numbers. Is there any common elements i.e. numbers? There is no common numbers so these two sets are called as disjoint sets.

Through Venn diagram also we can represent disjoint sets. Below is the Venn diagram which shows disjoint sets.

Disjoint sets explained


Intersection of sets P and Q is a null set because there is no common elements. Union of sets P and Q is set of natural numbers.

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