Different Types of Brackets in Math Explained

Learn and know the various types of brackets that we use in math. If you are a student then definitely you should know about different types of brackets.

Different Types of Brackets in Math Explained

While solving problems, you may be observed so many types of brackets. In any problem, if there are brackets, first we should solve them. This thing we have learnt from BODMAS Rule. Now the question is do you know how many types of brackets are there in mathematics and what are the names of that brackets. Up to know if you don’t know how many brackets are there, no problem. Now we will learn all the different brackets names and their notations.

List of different types of brackets used in mathematics:

There are totally four types of brackets that were used in math. They are

  • Parentheses or small brackets( )
  • Flower brackets or Braces { } these brackets we can also say as curly brackets
  • Square brackets [ ]
  • Line brackets or vinculum __

In all these four brackets, first we should solve line brackets, second parentheses, third-flower brackets and finally fourth- square brackets. This order depends upon the problem. This order is not same for all the cases.


Solve [2+8(6+5{3+2}-10)-3]



= [2+8(6+5{5}-10)-3]

= [2+8(6+25-10)-3]

= [2+8(31-10)-3]

= [2+8(21)-3]

= [2+168-3]

= [170-3]


In the above problem, first we simplified flower brackets, then small brackets and at last square brackets.

Hope now you have understood different types of brackets and their names.

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