Difference of sets explained with examples

Learn and know what is difference of sets? I hope you know what is the meaning of the word difference? In mathematics difference means subtraction. Now you may be getting a doubt that how to subtract the sets? Is it possible? Yes possible we can find out difference of sets.

Difference of sets explained with examples

In sets chapter, we have some important operations on sets like union of sets, intersection of sets, symmetric difference of sets, and in the same way we have difference of sets also. Now we will learn what is it and how to find it.

Definition of difference of two sets:

Let C and D be the any two non empty sets. Then the difference of two sets i.e. C-D is a new set which contains the elements of the set C which are not in the set D.

Example 1:

C = {2, 8, 41, 58, 73, 26, 37} and D = {11, 26, 30, 58, 92}

C-D = { 2, 8, 41, 73, 37}  58 and 26 are not mentioned because those elements are in set D also. So we should not write. We need to write only the elements of set C which are not present in set D.

Example 2:

E = {a, n, c, e, s, w, i} and F = {g, n, u, o, p, w, i}

E-F = {a, c, e, s} as n, w, i are present in set F, so we are not writing.

Example 3:

X = {12, 57, 64, 1, 38, 7} and Y = {7, 5, 12, 64, 24, 9}

X-Y = {57, 1, 38} the elements 12, 64, 7 are also present in set Y so we are not writing.

Example 4:

J = {aravind, neha, kiran, lavanya, phani} and K = {Vishnu, kiran, jaya, shanty, neha, aravind}

J-K = {lavanya, phani}

Hope difference of sets concept is clear.

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