Diagonal of a cube formula explained

Do you know what is the formula used for finding diagonal of a cube. If you don’t know, now learn and know the diagonal of a cube formula. This is the one of the important formulas in mensuration that we should learn definitely.

Diagonal of a cube formula explained

Before learning the formula, we just revise what is a cube? The 3D shape of a square is called as a cube. All the sides of a cube will be equal in dimensions. Now directly we will discuss and learn the formula for finding the diagonal of a cube.

Formula for diagonal of a cube:

Let “S” be the side of a cube. Then diagonal of a cube can be find out by the formula

Diagonal, D = \sqrt { 3 } × S.


If 6 cm is the side of a cube then its diagonal will be \sqrt { 3 } × 6 = 1.732 × 6 = 10.392 cm.

For a cube, if the side is 15 m then the diagonal of that cube is = \sqrt { 3 } × 15 = 1.732 × 15 = 25.98 m.

Hope you have understood diagonal of a cube formula.

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