Definition of rectangle in math explained

Learn and know what is the definition of rectangle? in an easy way in geometry. Actually when we are studying quadrilaterals, we get rectangle topic.

Definition of rectangle in math explained

In quadrilaterals, we will study types of quadrilaterals; in that rectangle is one of them. Now we are going to study what is a rectangle? (definition of rectangle), then we will know the shape of a rectangle that means we will see how the rectangle looks like generally, then finally we will see some real life examples of rectangle.

Definition of rectangle as follows:

If we want to give the definition of rectangle we can give like this “a quadrilateral in which opposite sides are equal and parallel and the four angles are { 90 }^{ 0 } , consecutive sides are not equal is called a rectangle”.

Second definition of rectangle is “if one of the angle of a parallelogram is equal to { 90 }^{ 0 } is called as rectangle”.

Third definition of rectangle is “a square is called as a rectangle if adjacent sides are different in length and opposite sides are equal”.

The above are the three definitions for a rectangle we can give.

Shape of rectangle:

The shape of rectangle looks like this, observe the below diagram, I have shown the rectangle picture.

Definition of rectangle in math explained

Some important words used related to rectangle:

Length: in the above diagram, the line segment AB and CD we call as length of rectangle.

Breadth: in the above diagram, AD and BC we call as breadth of rectangle.

Diagonal: in the diagram, AC and BD are called as diagonals of the rectangle.

Some basic properties of rectangle:

The opposite sides i.e. AB and CD, AD and BC are equal.

All the angles will be equal to { 90 }^{ 0 } .

The two diagonals i.e. AC and BD are equal.

The diagonal of a rectangle will divide the rectangle as 2 congruent right angled triangles.

Hope now you have understood the rectangle definition and the some important points of rectangle.

Some real life examples of rectangle shape products:

Top of the school benches

Black board in the school

Screen of movie theatre

Top or bottom face of geometry box  ….and so on

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